CollectPlus is Making it Easier to Return Your Online Shopping Without a Printer

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to returning items you bought online, for whatever reason, there are a lot of different options available - which is convenient. CollectPlus is one of the services that makes it as easy as taking your return to the local corner shop, though the downside is that you need to print off a bunch of stuff before you get there. Not anymore, though, because the company wants tomake life easier for people who don't own printers.

Printers suck. They always break when you need them the most, and the cost of ink is extortionate, so you can't blame people for trying to get away without one. Unfortunately that some things, like returning faulty packages, a lot more inconvenient. Well CollectPlus hears your pain and is now rolling out its 'Print in Store' service to 7,000 locations across the UK. It's even giving people the option to order their labels using Amazon's Alexa assistant.

Print in Store has already been available for people sending stuff through Collect Plus, but now it's available for returns - which means you could save money on a printer and ink you may never need for anything else. Printing also seems to be free, making it even more cost-effective, with the 'Print in Store' option available on the return label form page.

Currently this feature isn't universally available, with CollectPlus announcing only Sky, Littlewoods, and Very Exclusive will be included, though the company promises it's working on getting more retailers involved.

Matthew Jacques, Strategic Partnerships Director at CollectPlus, said:

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance our customer experience. This rollout of Print in Store for Returns will benefit customers who do not have a printer at home – as is the case for many millennials who are used to living paper-free lives.

“The additional integration with Amazon Alexa marks the first time that voice activation technology has been used end to end in consumer returns logistics and offers our customers even greater convenience as they fit online shopping around their busy lifestyles.”