Comic Nominated For Serious Grown-Up Book Prize

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of those comics that you like is apparently good enough for proper readers to take on, with graphic novel Sabrina finding itself among the year's best authors on the latest Man Booker prize long list; becoming the first illustrated book to make the awards.

What's even more remarkable about Sabrina's inclusion is the fact that it doesn't have that many gosh-darned words in it, as it's mostly graphic and not very much novel, as large sections of the story are presented without dialogue. People sitting next to each other for a bit is a page, for example. A review in the Guardian by exalted graphic novelist Chris Ware paints a bleak picture of the book's content, with its plot built around today's modern online news scene and the many possibilities for obsession with cult characters on social media.

Chris liked it and apparently Zadie Smith thinks it's one of the best things about modern life ever, but then someone gave it one star on Amazon so maybe just read it over someone's shoulder when it appears in the hands of self conscious coffee shop readers. [Guardian]