Creme Egg's Easter Bunny Ads Banned for Targeting Children

By Gary Cutlack on at

A joint promotional push by Cadbury and the Scottish National Trust to encourage children to join in with various local easter egg hunts has been banned – retrospectively and therefore pointlessly – due to new guidelines that want to stop unhealthy food being marketed in the direction of children.

According to Cadbury, the activities and downloadable fun things put on its web site were designed for children and adults to do together, united in a love of brands and chocolate; but that didn't fly with the Advertising Standards Authority. The complaint was put forward by the killjoys-for-our-own-good at the Obesity Health Alliance, who noticed the campaign and its happy bunny and Easter associations were pushing goods deemed high in fat, salt or sugar to kids. So basically the Easter bunny has been banned because kids are too fat.

Also outlawed in this latest batch of ASA rulings was a Facebook campaign for Chewits, which used "Chewie the Chewitsaurus" to make eating sweets seem like a legitimate hobby for kids, with the maker oh-so-accidentally failing to activate the social site's age filters to stop the ads being seen by the under-16s. [ASA via BBC]