Don't Tell Your Dinner Guests You Prepared Their Food With a Knife Made From Your Underwear

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You can mostly trust that health inspectors ensure the food you get from a restaurant was prepared properly and safely, but can the same be said of the meal at your friend’s next dinner party? Assuming that chicken wasn’t sliced and diced using a large kitchen knife crafted from your host’s old underwear is no longer an assumption you can make.

Japan’s most resourceful knife maker is back with what has to be one of his most unsettling creations yet. He starts with clean boxers and underwear straight from the packaging, sure, but would you accept a free meal if it came from a kitchen with knives made from drawers? The risk is just too high that your chef hadn’t gotten around to doing laundry or washing the dishes, and found a clever solution to solving both problems at once. [YouTube]