EasyHotel Told That Some of its Rooms are Too Small for Human Habitation

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new branch of super-budget orange emergency crash pad EasyHotel in Northern Ireland is stuck in a legal limbo ahead of its opening, as regulators complain that its hotel rooms aren't big enough to meet minimum human comfort standards.

A £5m refit of office space in Belfast has created an 81-bedroom Easy-branded hotel franchise, due to open in a month's time. However, some rooms have been deemed too small to meet minimum standards set by Tourism NI, which recommends that rooms offer a minimum space of 13 sq/m – enough clearance to swing a rucksack in – in order to be approved to open for business.

The EasyHotel can open without the approval of the tourism board, but only if the operators don't mind a fine and a possible prison sentence. Some rooms in the newly fitted out  building are said to only offer nine square metres of floor space, which is barely enough for a double bed and enough floor around it to take your shoes off. Still, as long as there's somewhere to charge a phone people probably won't mind. [BBC]