Economists Warn of Nightmare UK Cheese Shortage Scenario

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some big-thinking economist people have terrorised the nation this morning, with a warning that our supply of dairy products like cheese and cheese and even cheese might become limited in a post-Brexit trade disaster scenario.

The London School of Economics warns that even a slight disruption in the incoming supply of dairy from EU sources could limit our ability to manufacture the cheese we all subsist on, with some of the more niche varieties perhaps dying out altogether. They also warn that yoghurts and butter could rocket in price, should whatever trade barriers we hastily assemble out of cardboard in 2019 interfere with the dairy supply chain.

The LSE numbers were crunched on behalf of dairy conglomerate Arla, with the firm's exec warning: "Our dependence on imported dairy products means that disruption to the supply chain will have a big impact. Most likely we would see shortages of products and a sharp rise in prices, turning every day staples, like butter, yoghurts, cheese and infant formula, into occasional luxuries. Speciality cheeses, where there are currently limited options for production, may become very scarce."

The worst case scenario for the country's cheese enthusiasts is a no-deal Brexit that sees the UK revert to World Trade Organisation rules, a move that may introduce longer waits at borders and additional tariffs, and could further imperil our national cheese reserves. [Arla via Guardian]

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