EE's New 'Flex Plans' are Basically 30 Day Contracts With Some Extras

By Tom Pritchard on at

Most networks offer some sort of 30 day rolling contract, letting you sign up for a pay-monthly contract without actually having to commit to a particular network for more than 30 days at a time. EE is no different, but from tomorrow those 30 day plans are getting a name change. It's introducing new 'Flex Plans' which sound like regular rolling monthly contracts with some extras thrown in.

So if you already have a regular 30 day contract with EE you know exactly what you get. One monthly payment comes with all the associated allowances, and you can cancel without the same penalties as a regular 12 month contract. Flex Plans work in mostly the same way. You sign up, pay once a month, and get to cancel whenever you like without any sort of horrendous penalties.

That said there are some extras. EE will let Flex Plan customers switch to a new Flex Plan whenever they like, and they get an extra 500MB of data automatically added to their allowance every three months. Presumably if you cancel and come back that little perk goes away, so it's a way of keeping you committed to EE. There's also data rollover, meaning any unused data can be added to your allowance for the next month. EE specifically says this gives you a second chance to use it, so you can probably assume this means unused data from month one won't rollover into month three and so on.

Naturally you can always pay to add more data if you need it, costing £1.50 for 100MB, £5 for 500MB, and £7.50 for 1GB. All the new Flex Plans offer unlimited texts, and other allowances are as follows:

  • £10: 2GB data, 1000 mins talk
  • £15: 5GB data, 2000 mins talk
  • £25: 10GB data, 3000 mins talk
  • £30: 20GB data, 3000 mins talk

Max Taylor, Managing Director of Marketing, EE said:

“Our new plans give customers great flexibility and control and are unpinned by the UK’s best network. Customers on Flex plans have the freedom to pause or change their plan at any time, with the value and simplicity offered from a traditional pay monthly plan.”

EE claims tat the new plans are a mix of the convenience of a pay monthly plan, but with the non-commitment of Pay as You Go. But really they don't sound hugely different from the 30 day contracts that are already available - albeit with fewer minutes and some added perks tacked on instead. The 10GB and 20GB plans also seem to be £2 more expensive too, which is worth bearing in mind.