Electronic Tags Used to Save Britain's Bees From Hornet Attack

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists looking at ways to stop the gradual encroachment of the vicious Asian hornet into our fields and picnic areas have been using electronic tags, with the insects able to carry units equal to their body weight and lead exterminators right to their nests.

The system has been trialled by researchers from the University of Exeter, which caught hornets, cooled them to calm them down a bit, then sewed the £140 micro-transponders on to their backs. This let the team track them over distances of nearly a mile, pinpointing their bases so they could be nuked by alternative groups of insect scientists. Everyone is coming together when it comes to making the Asian hornet feel unwelcome.

It's important and not a bad thing because Asian hornets eat normal bees, and as we all know, without normal bees there wouldn't be any honey, so the bears would all die out, and the bears are important because they keep the cave-dwelling goblin population down. It's all linked. [BBC]