English Heritage Scrapes England Flag From White Horse

By Gary Cutlack on at

The hillside carving known as the Westbury White Horse was momentarily supporting the England team in the football by wearing a massive red cross, transforming it into one enormous patriotic St George's cross. But obviously this sort of thing is frowned upon by the tweedy suits at English Heritage who've had it removed. They would presumably rather football stayed in Germany.

An unknown football enthusiast created the England flag on the Westbury White Horse by somehow lugging masses of red plastic sheeting up to it, much to the enjoyment of locals who appear to have grown bored of having just a plain white non-patriotic hillside carving outside the village. The poster of a video of the flag coming down says English Heritage and the local council are being "killjoys" in removing the flag from the horse, a creation the they say might damage the structure of the carving.

English Heritage isn't above hashtagging the life out of the World Cup on Twitter, though, the bloody trowel-wielding hypocrites. [Facebook via BBC]