Eurotunnel Turns Hoses on Dogs and Kids as Heat Breaks its Trains

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a classic bit of UK infrastructure news: the air conditioning on the Channel Tunnel trains isn't working very well because it's too hot. Hence thousands of angry people are hoovering up the mobile internet in the Folkestone area and complaining about massive delays in getting the family off to France.

Today things aren't so bad, with Eurotunnel operators warning that there's just the three hours of interminable tarmac purgatory to endure between arrival and getting away now, with yesterday seeing travellers offered mass refunds because of service cancellations and those brave enough to persevere with their plans left sitting out in the heat for up to five hours while waiting to be processed.

It's so hot down there on the waiting tarmac areas that Eurotunnel staff and the local fire brigade have been called out, and are handing out bottles of water and leaving a hose pipe running to cool down dogs and children. The operator is strongly inferring that it might be best to give up any dreams of going to France altogether today, if you don't want to risk sinking into a tarmac pit with 12,000 other cars and their heat-raged occupants. [BBC]