Firefox Focus Browser for iOS Can Now Lock Your Internet History Behind FaceID

By Tom Pritchard on at

Firefox has got bit into the whole internet privacy thing with the Firefox Focus smartphone browser, automatically removing things like trackers and ads, plus letting you delete your browsing history nice and easily. But if you like keeping your browsing history around for one reason or another, iOS users now have the option to safeguard it behind FaceID. That way nobody will go snooping and find out what presents you're buying them. Or what porn you've been watching.

Those without iPhone Xs can also use TouchID if they have it set up, and all you have to do is head into the browser's settings menu and select the appropriate option under “Use your Touch/Face ID to unlock app.” Once done, anytime you switch apps you'll find that the browser has locked itself up - preventing any unwanted eyes from snooping at whatever it is you've been doing.

The other good news is that your phone doesn't need to be locked either. While it's a good idea to keep your phone protected by some sort of security, and a terrible to leave it around unattended and unlocked, it means you won't have to worry about someone grabbing your phone when you're not looking. The only real downside is that this is still an iOS exclusive feature right now, and there's no word on if and when it'll come to the Android version of the app. At least there aren't as many barriers, since Android phones do support fingerprint scanning and facial recognition - albeit not as advanced as the iPhone X's.

But for now, Apple lovers, there's a much more secure way to browse the net on your phone. You should definitely take advantage of that, pronto.