Football Nearly as Popular as Weddings and Death

By Gary Cutlack on at

The football last night, that was exciting for a bit, annoying for a bit, then sad for what seemed like ages, was one of the country's most-watched TV experiences in a generation, with a peak of 26.5 million people gathering around the big old boxes in the corner of the living room to watch England's ball battle with Croatia.

This puts it in fourth place on the list of the most-watched UK television spectacles of the last 25 years, just behind Prince William and Kate's wedding (26.6m), the opening ceremony of the London Olympics (27.3m) and the funeral of Princess Diana (32m). 80 per cent of all active TVs were tuned to the unfolding sports drama.

And last night's football viewing figures don't include the displaced masses forced to watch it in pubs or in parks, so fans could argue that ITV has been robbed of a third place finish, as more people would've watched the football in a pub than a sodding royal wedding. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter