GiffGaff is Increasing the Amount of Data it Gives People, at (Mostly) No Extra Cost

By Tom Pritchard on at

While lots of people tend to focus on the big four mobile networks, there's a lot to be said about the smaller virtual networks - even if some of them are owned by the bigger companies that own all the infrastructure. GiffGaff is one of the ones that has a reputation for offering as much as it can without ridiculous prices, and if you thought it was a good deal before you're going to love this.

The network has just announced its upping the data allowance in its various non-recurring goodybags, and for the most part customers aren't going to have to pay any extra money each month. There is an exception, though, and that's the people who like taking advantage of GiffGaff's 'Always On' plan. Always On means customers get a set amount of full speed 4G data, but once they reach their limit they're not cut off from the internet - they just have to deal with 256kbps speeds between 8am and midnight.

Previously GiffGaff gave Always On customers 9GB of full speed data (plus unlimited calls and texts) for £20 a month. That's gone up to £25 a month, though the initial data limit has increased to 20GB as a result. So it's a little bittersweet. Customers who want to stick to paying £20 a month will now get a 20GB data allowance, but without the Always On features. GiffGaff has gone and increased the data limits for a bunch of the other goodybags at no extra cost, as you can see below:

The most notable increases come at the cheaper end, though customers will still have to contend with limits on the number of calls and texts they can make each month. Still, data is the most important thing you need in a phone deal and the more you have the better. It's just an added bonus that it doesn't cost any extra.

These changes went into effect yesterday, and only affect the non-recurring goodybags. If you have any recurring or queued goodybags you won't notice any difference. [ISPreview]