Google's 'Pixel Stand' Could Turn Your Pixel Into a Google Home

By Tom Pritchard on at

Google and Amazon are in a constant war to try and one-up each other in the smart speaker market, releasing speakers, mini speakers, those devices with screens hat everyone calls speakers, and so on. Now following Amazon's announcing Show Mode and the Show Mode dock, which turns a Fire tablet into an Echo Show of sorts, a leak claims Google is working on something similar called the 'Pixel Stand'.

We don't have any pictures from the supply chain revealing the accessory to us, but the latest version of the Google App beta has just been decompiled and revealed a small tease. I mean small, though, all that was found were a few lines of code detailing what users would see when they put their phone into the dock. Another notes that the dock can be set as a trusted device, meaning users would be able to call up Google Assistant even if they locked their phone. That way it could access all the user's data and perform tasks much like a proper Google Home device

It's speculated that the Pixel Stand might also be a wireless charging dock, with the extra Assistant features baked in, that'll be released alongside the Pixel 3 later this year. Whether it will be compatible with the Pixel and Pixel 2 isn't clear, but it's worth pointing out that past pixels don't have wireless charging - but the Pixel 3 supposedly will. Then again it wouldn't make much sense for Google to not include it's previous flagships, especially not the Pixel 2, even if they'll need to be plugged in separately. [Ubergizmo]