Greggs is About to be Flooded by Students Claiming Their Free Sausage Roll

By Gary Cutlack on at

The student-friendly parts of the internet are on fire today, because someone, reading the Greggs terms and conditions, discovered that people with student cards can acquire free sausage rolls alongside their meal deal purchases.

The terms and conditions stress that the freebie is only triggered when buying a meal deal, though, explaining: "Subject to presentation of a valid student card on purchase of a full Sandwich Deal (see in store for details) you will be entitled to receive one of the following free of charge from Greggs: One free sausage roll OR One Cheese & Onion bake OR One sweet treat* OR one snack pack OR one apple OR one banana."

The possibility of a student eating a free banana OR sausage roll OR snack pack has made some old men called Paul OR Paul angry about subsidising "lefty" students (from the Metro comments section), because the poor old Pauls here have to pay for their bananas in the supermarket because they were born in 1961:

So let's all sign up to the Open University and clog up Greggs so 1960s men called Paul have to wait longer for the steak bakes that they now have to eat surreptitiously. [Greggs via Metro]

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