Hand Stitching Every Pixel in the Original Mac OS Control Panel Took This Master Crafter Six Months

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Instead of a quaint “Home Sweet Home” cross-stitch pattern hanging in her living room, iOS and game developer Glenda Adams has a pixel-perfect recreation of the original Mac OS control panel, which she painstakingly hand-stitched over six months.

At just 14 inches across, the stitch size here is hand-crampingly tiny. (All photos: Glenda Adams)

Despite being limited to a black and white colour palette, the original version of Mac OS is still a beautiful example of user interface design, thanks in part to Susan Kare’s work on the operating system’s simple yet expressive icons. To some, like Adams, it could even be considered a work of art. However, hanging an old Macintosh computer on your wall seems like a logistical challenge, so a cross-stitched homage is probably the next best thing.

Even the back of this cross-stitch pattern is nearly pixel-perfect. 

There’s undoubtedly a few Mac-obsessed folk out there who would like to have this creation hanging in their office. But after putting six months of hard work into it, it’s doubtful Adams has any intentions of selling this masterpiece. But who knows, maybe you could convince her to recreate your favourite operating system screenshot. I bet the Windows blue screen of death isn’t as difficult to cross-stitch. [Twitter]

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