HDR Will Come to Sky Q Next Year, Voice Control Trial Coming Soon

By Tom Pritchard on at

4K video has been around for Sky customers for a few years now, letting them enjoy upgraded resolution as long as hey're willing to pay for it. As great as that is, the future of high quality picture is more than just boosted resolution, it also relies on the enhanced colour of HDR to make everything look righter and more realistic. So Sky has promised HDR will come to its flagship service next year, among other things.

While a set date has not been announced, it's good to know that Sky is still working on improving Q's picture quality - especially in light of other broadcasters who have been doing the same. The BBC's recent 4K output was also HDR, provided you had the right TV, Virgin Media's been promising an HDR update for its V6 box for a while, and most 4K streaming sticks include HDR of some kind. So really Sky is playing catch up in this regard.

Sky also confirmed that it's going to be upgrading Sky Q's voice controls in the near future. Voice controls were initially announced last year, with the promise of what sounded like remote free options at some point last year. Those full controls never arrived, and despite a slew of voice upgrades things have been mostly restricted to finding content. Sky has promised it will be trialling a 'fully hands-free' system later this year, and while it hasn't been giving any details it would make sense to go for an always-on style microphone we've seen on other devices - be it a new thing entirely or integration with a third party AI assistant.

Smaller changes are on the way as well, including multiple user profiles that offer personalised recommendations, a 'kids mode' to stop them stumbling upon any adult content by accident, as well as a boost in the amount of 4K content it offers. Apparently it's going to double what it has already. As ever all of that doesn't have a set release date, but we'll no doubt have more to share in the near future. [TechRadar]