Health Watchdog Suggests Giving up Social Media For a Bit

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Society for Public Health has launched a thing it hopes you lot might join in with, for ten minutes at least, with the grand ambition of encouraging people to quit or at least vastly reduce their social media use for an entire 30 days.

Scroll Free September is the name they came up with for it, and yes, the idea is you put your phone down a bit more than usual during the month of September (which thankfully only has 30 days) then go mad boasting about all the butterflies you looked at, the books you started reading, and all the jigsaw puzzles you did instead on October 1. The slightly ironic campaign announcement video warns of the initial horror of being alone with your thoughts, also suggesting you might be able to become a house-cleaning superstar if you could only stop being interested in what strangers think Gary Lineker thinks about Brexit today.

The Public Health reasons behind this are many, particularly that the RSPH and other health organisations are concerned that forever looking at a timeline of people pretending to have happy lives is, ironically, increasing our general levels of anxiety and depression, and also leads to body image issues, triggers and enables cyberbullying, and is responsible for an epidemic of sleepless nights. All of which are good reasons to stop reading the new things people have thought of that day. If you can. [Scroll Free September]