Here's Your First Trailer for Disenchantment, Matt Groening's Netflix Fantasy Cartoon

By Cheryl Eddy on at

Matt Groening’s much-anticipated fantasy series, Disenchantment, debuts in less than a month, and the Simpsons creator, along with much of the show’s cast, were at Comic-Con to spill all the magic beans. In the process, they dropped an extended trailer showing off the medieval misfits of Dreamland.

The trailer shows the origins of Bean (Abbi Jacobson), the ambitious and boozy princess who decides to abandon her royal life and a terrible arranged marriage to have adventures with her elf friend, Elfo (Nat Faxon). We also see a demonic friend named Luci (Eric Andre), who joins up with the group to fulfil his ambition to “get rid of all the diseases plaguing mankind and replace them with worse ones.”

All in all, it looks like an appropriately Groening-esque take on high fantasy, playing with the tropes of the genre in a plot-driven way familiar to fans of Groening’s last show, Futurama. It also looks gorgeous in motion, with a mixture of CG backdrops and 2D character art that really works with the majestic pastoral settings.

Also, a dude gets impaled on an Iron Throne-lookalike. So Disenchantmenthas that going for it.

The first 10 (of 20) episodes of Disenchantment will be available August 17th on Netflix.