Here's Your Friendly Reminder That San Diego Comic Con Starts Today

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite the fact news has been trickling in over the past couple of days, today is the day that the biggest event in the geek calendar officially begins. San Diego Comic Con is chock full of news from the world of TV, film, comics, video games, and nerdy toys, most of which we usually cover on Giz UK in some limited capacity. Because there's going to be so much of it, there are going to be some changes to our regularly scheduled content.

Between now and the wee hours of Monday morning you'll find that we're going to be publishing a lot of pop-culture content. Far more than usual, meaning other topics are going to fall to the wayside for a couple of days. So this is your early warning: if you don't want to read about this sort of thing you might want to avoid us over the weekend. Or at the very least be willing to scroll through all that content to find the stuff you're interested in without complaining.

But if you're like me you're going to love all this. There's no better weekend to get excited or pissed off about the various geeky sections of the entertainment industry that Comic Con weekend. We will have all the big announcements courtesy of the US team who will be working themselves to death covering everything, so make sure to keep checking back. Or come back later to bookmark the SDCC hub that will link to all our published news. It's not ready yet but it'll be there soon.