HQ Trivia Will Start Rewarding People Who Play Every Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

HQ Trivia doesn't want all its players to be like me, and stop playing because the quest to actually win seems inherently futile. The questions are hard, there are always rumours of bots ruining the fun for everyone else, and frankly I can't be bothered anymore. But plenty still play daily, and HQ wants those people to stick around, so it's offering the reward of extra lives for the people play every day.

This news comes courtesy of 9to5Mac, based on a now-deleted tweet from the official HQ account. Streaks, as it's called, means anyone playing three days in a row will get an extra life for their loyalty, giving you a free pass next time you get a question wrong. Just as long as that question isn't the very last one, because that would be a little bit crazy.

The details are pretty scarce at the moment, but the fact that it's three days in a row, rather than three games, means you should be able to get away with missing the odd game, so long as you get the second one taking place that day. It's also not clear if you get one every three days, or if the extra life feature only happens during set periods - much like how the answer-sharing feature was originally a Friday-only thing.

It shouldn't be long to find out, though, because the feature is said to be rolling out later today.