I Want to See This Javelin-Launching Slingshot Cannon Shatter Records At the Olympics

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The Olympics are supposed to be a series of competitions that test the physical capabilities of the competing athletes. But increasingly, it seems like it’s become a competition over which athlete brings the best gear: be it highly-engineered running shoes, wetsuits, or sleds. So why shouldn’t track and field athletes be allowed to use a comically-monstrous slingshot cannon at the javelin event?

The world’s leading authority on elastic bands, building slingshots, and piercing holes in the side of an old barn has put all of his know-how into designing a (barely) handheld cannon that can hurl eight-and-a-half-foot long javelins. During testing, Joerg Sprave quickly proves you don’t want to be down field when he pulls the trigger on this contraption, but it looks like it has the potential to shatter a few world records too, if only the International Olympic Committee would just be cool.


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