Ikea is Celebrating the England v Sweden Game With a 'Plate of Two Halves' Meal Deal

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tomorrow is the next stage of the World Cup for England, where it's going to be going up against Sweden, and to celebrate that clash notorious furniture maze Ikea will be offering a special 'plate of two halves' meal deal. So anyone who orders a plate of Ikea's famous meatballs (or the veggie ball alternative) will also get a plate of fish and chips thrown in at no extra cost.

The 'Swe-delicious' meal deal will be available at all Ikea stores from 11am tomorrow. It's available all day, even after the game has finished off, but it's a tomorrow-only thing. On Sunday Ikea will replace it with a 'Lunch of Champions', offering customers the chance to buy the winning team's meal for just £1. Again that's all day, and frankly one reason why people might not be so upset if Sweden wins. Those Ikea meatballs are damn delicious, after all.

Joakim Haby, IKEA UK & Ireland co-worker said:

“We are very proud that our two home Nations are in the Quarter finals this weekend but have been finding it hard to choose between them. To make sure our customers don’t have to pick a side and to celebrate the match, we’ve combined the two most iconic meals from each country into one delicious offer.

So, whether you’re cheering on having a Jamie Vardy dinner party or a Filip Helander get together, IKEA’s plate of two halves is the perfect match meal.”

It might also be a good time to pop in-store and grab yourself some furniture, or potter about the area that's full of random things nobody ever plans on buying beforehand. But if you plan on watching the game you should give yourself plenty of time to get out and down to the pub. We all know how difficult Ikea can be to navigate, so make sure you don't get lost and miss the whole thing.

You can find your nearest Ikea store here. [Daily Echo]