It's Not Too Hot for Wrestling on ITV

By Gary Cutlack on at

Wrestling is about to be on the mainstream telly again, with ITV giving a chunk of its prestigious Saturday night schedules over to World of Sport Wrestling for 10 weeks from tomorrow. It's only the chunk of Saturday that starts at 5:00pm, though, so in Mr Bean repeats territory. But still. Wrestling is back on ITV.

Cue lots of old people making reference to Kendo Nagasaki and Big Daddy, old people who will enjoy seeing the return of one of the most celebrated transatlantic wrestling brands of the 80s -- the British Bulldog, as Davey Boy Jnr, son of the original British Bulldog who fought on ITV and eventually became a WWE superstar, is one of the key grapplers in today's ITV wrestling reboot.

Other WoS contenders this time around include Kip Sabian, Grado and Sha Samuels, plus the obligatory slice of lady combat action led by Viper – who's already been made famous by the BBC. [WoS Wrestling]