ITV Could be Next to Abandon Virgin Media's TV Platform

By Gary Cutlack on at

The recent loss of Dave and its never ending supply of repeats on Virgin's TV platform may soon be joined by a bigger loss for the ITV-watching demographic, with reports suggesting that the ITV channels could drop off the Virgin EPG as soon as this weekend.

The Guardian says ITV has sent a letter to Virgin saying that it could pull its channels from the service with very little warning, should negotiations about a basket of rights and channel prominence issues prove insurmountable. Sources that have seen the letter say it takes the form of an "ultimatum" for Virgin to take action in the ongoing discussions, with ITV no doubt sensing Virgin's a bit vulnerable to losing another high profile bunch of channels right now.

It's unlikely that the, ahem, flagship ITV1 channel would go, as that comes with a public service remit that means there's an obligation to broadcast it on all platforms. The rest though, like ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 could get binned off if ITV decides to play hardball. [Guardian]