Leak Suggests the Galaxy Note 9 Won't be as Overpriced as Feared

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's still about a week and a half until Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 9 and tells us exactly what it will have and how much it will cost. But since we've heard just about everything there is to know about the phone, we only need to know how much it costs to make the picture complete. The latest leak suggests it may not be as bad as some had suggested.

It's a simple fact that smartphones, specifically made by the larger, more popular phone companies, are getting more expensive. There had been murmurs that the Note 9 would cost over £1,000 at launch, a big step up from the Note 8's £869 price tag, but the latest leak suggests that won't be the case. In fact leaked pre-order posters from Indonesia claim that the phone will start at 13,500,000 IDR, which works out around £714 or $937 directly converted.

That's the 128GB Note 8, with the 512GB model also listed as 17,500,000 IDR - converting to £926 and $1,214. No word on the 256G model that we're supposed to be getting, but since the 512GB is reportedly exclusive to certain Asian markets it may be those countries aren't getting the middle-storage variant.

That UK price is a lot lower than expected, and lower than the Note 8, though it's likely there are exchange-rate charges we'll have to account for. Taxes, poor state of the pound, and so on. Still it's good to see that the Note 9 won't necessarily come with the same high mark up as other premium-tier devices, especially since Samsung reportedly had a bit of trouble trying to get people to upgrade to the S9 earlier this year.

Interestingly, according to the leaked posters, anyone who pre-orders the phone in Indonesia will get a free Samsung Smart TV. While I've personally had a lot of issues with the type of stand on the featured TV, that seems like a ridiculously good deal. It doesn't say what kind of TV it is, and I'll be surprised if it's anything close to 4K HDR, but a free TV us a free TV. Sadly there's no word on whether that sort of deal is likely to make it here. I wouldn't count on it, sadly, though Samsung usually does have some sort of pre-order bonus for the early adopters.

Good thing we don't have long to wait. [SamMobile via Slashgear]