Leaked Photos Claim to Show Off Fast Chargers Apple Will be bundling in This Year's iPhones

By Tom Pritchard on at

When Apple announced that fast charging would be coming to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, many people were disappointed to find out that the in-box chargers were not capable of fast charging. You had to go out and buy a USB-C mains charger and a USB-C/Lightning cable, which currently costs £68 if you went straight to Apple. We've heard rumours that Apple would be including those chargers in the box next time, and now some images claims to show them off.

If you take a look, there's nothing hugely surprising. They're plugs, albeit Apple-made and far smaller than the MacBook compatible USB-C plugs available from the Apple Store. If you look closely you'll also be able to see the output. 9to5Mac claims that they're 18W plugs, though my maths came up with 15W - based on what looks like 5V and 3A output. It's quite difficult to see, because everything is so blurry, so this leaker is obviously very inconsiderate.

But whether its 15W or 18W, that's still faster than the 5W USB adaptors Apple sent out with the iPhone 8 and X and the 12W regular USB adaptors it sells on its website. It's also quite a bit smaller than the MacBook chargers people have had to use already (if they stayed pure Apple), but considering how small an iPhone is in comparison you don't need such a big charger anyway.

That's all assuming this is legit. I don't see a single piece of Apple branding on there, and it wouldn't be far fetched for someone to have developed a USB-C plug of their own in an 'Apple style'. Especially since the rumours claimed Apple was going for an 18W plug, when this is clearly a 15W plug. Always be sceptical of rumours kids, especially where stuff like this is concerned. [9to5Mac]