Leaked Poster Shows Off a Blue Galaxy Note 9 and Yellow S-Pen

By Tom Pritchard on at

So far we've seen from the official teaser video that the one of the Galaxy Note 9 models will come with a yellow/gold S-Pen, while regulatory filings supposedly revealed a number of colours the phone may come in. Now the latest leak is some sort of official poster, revealing a blue Note 9 ad yellow S-Pen.

This again comes from serial Note 9 leaker Ice Universe, who posted the alleged poster on Twitter this morning. As you can see the phone in the image is much like everything we've seen before. On the underside there's USB-C, a headphone jack, and up top is the horizontal camera system sitting above the fingerprint scanner.

While regulatory filings made zero mention of a yellow S-Pen, it was pretty obvious that it was coming and that there would be some sort of blue/yellow combo. Now, though it seems that the phone and its stylus will be coming in conflicting hues. Assuming, of course, that this poster is legit. It doesn't take a Photoshop genius to put something like this together, especially given all the images and design specs we've already seen.

Obviously we won't find out for sure until the Galaxy Unpacked event on 9th August, but for the time being we can gawp at things like this and seemingly not notice that we've seen all of this information a dozen times before. Because it's on a poster now, and that makes it new and exciting. [Ice Universe via 9to5Google]