Lego Finally Unveils Its James Bond Aston Martin DB5

By Kim Snaith on at

After endless teasers that have gone on for weeks, Lego has finally revealed its latest set: James Bond's Aston Martin DB5. Well, we knew that already – those teasers were less than subtle about it.

But following a public event held in Lego's flagship Leicester Square store, the model has been revealed in all its bricktastic glory, along with a price. For VIP members, it will be available to buy from today, and for everyone else, it will go on general sale on 1st August.

The DB5, an Expert Creator set in the same vein as the Mini Cooper and VW Beetle, is 1295 pieces and costs £129.99.

The model itself is packed with intricate details to as closely resemble Bond's actual DB5 as possible. It's got opening doors and boot, rotating blades that pop out of the wheels, a rotating licence plate, and, perhaps most impressive of all, an ejector seat!

Check out Lego's official images below for a better look.