Lego's 'Building Buddies' Competition Could Put Your Lego Creation in the Lego Movie 2's Credits

By Tom Pritchard on at

How would you like to be part of the Lego Movie's upcoming sequel? Good, because Lego is giving people the chance to build and submit their own Lego designs for the chance to be part of the film's end credits. Not the film itself, that would take too long, just a picture in the credits. But that's better than not being in the credits, right?

You need to do the following things to enter:

  1. Have at least one friend
  2. Collaborate with your friend and design something brand new from Lego pieces. It's supposed to be some sort of combination of your two favourite things. No not those favourite things, this has to be suitable for kids remember?
  3. Download, print, and fill out a submission form from the competition website
  4. Send a picture of both your creation and the signed submission form, to

And there it's done. There are some rules to pay attention to though.

The main one is that the submission has to be a new and original Lego creation. Not one you've submitted into a different competition, or something you built out of a box with instructions. Kids are allowed to enter, provided they have permission from their parent or guardian, and everyone has to be a resident of the right country. The UK is one of them, so you lot should be ok. There are also a lot of guidelines about the photo you take, so make sure you actually read the submission form carefully.

Finally, the competition closes on 31st July at 23:59 Central European Time, which is 22:59 British Summer Time.