Lego's Latest James Bond Tease Told us Everything We Need to Know About the Upcoming Set

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the past couple of weeks, Lego has been teasing everyone with the possibility of James Bond coming to the Lego store. That culminated with the announcement that something would be launched at the Leicester Square Lego Store in London on 18th July, but the company hasn't stopped. Oh no, it's dropped a brand new teaser on Twitter. It may not look like much at first glance, but it's actually very revealing.

As you can see there's no box art, but it's the other details you should see. First of all this is the first actual confirmation that this is absolutely 100 per cent James Bond and not some sort of elaborate troll. Secondly the Aston Martin branding means there's a car involved, even though most people had figured that out already. The most important thing to note is that it's a Lego Creator Expert set. That means it's far less likely to be your standard bricks-and-minifigure type deal.

Lego fans will know that the Creator Expert sets are the largest and most expensive Lego sets around. Well the largest and most expensive sets that don't feature extra branding, like the £650 UCS Millennium Falcon. While there's no set definition as far as I can tell, this is how Lego describes the range:

The LEGO® Creator Expert sets deliver an enjoyable building experience with highly detailed models that spark the imagination and evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance and adventure, often with a touch of humor – from elaborate modular buildings with stories to tell, to iconic landmarks, fairground rides and vehicles.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate me-time building experience or building with others, you can find hours of fun in the different Creator Expert sets.

If you check out the official page you'll see that Lego specifically mentions classic vehicles, like the Mini, VW Beetle, and the VW Camper Van meaning Bond's Aston Martin would feel right at home. Plus it's worth mentioning that all the vehicles are made from Lego bricks, whereas the newly announced Bugatti Chiron is made from Technic and doesn't have the Creator Expert branding - despite having 3,599 pieces and a £330 price tag. So it's safe to assume that whatever Lego has up its sleeve will be bricky and not that weird mechanical look Technic has.

As for the car, well it's pretty much guaranteed to be the Aston martin DB5. It's iconic, intrinsically linked to Bond himself, and the company tweeted out a teaser featuring a quote from Skyfall from the scene featuring Bond and M driving off in that exact car. You can probably expect moving parts too, like missile-firing mechanisms and (hopefully) the ejector seat that was teased during that same Skyfall scene.

Who knows whether there will be other Bond sets on the way, but for now we can be quite sure that this is something Lego has planned for us.

Update: The Hungarian Lego Store website apparently jumped the gun, and accidentally revealed that it is in fact an Aston Martin DB5 that's on the way. The offending page has since been taken down, and there weren't any pictures of the set, but it's nice to know for sure. According to the leak it will cost 49,999 Hungarian Forint (£135, directly converted), and will be initially available on 1st August before going on general sale on 8th August.

That's contrary to rumours it would arrive on 15th August for Lego VIPs (31st for regular buyers), which came from a leaked Lego release calendar. So it looks like we'll have to wait and see what Lego has to say on 18th.