Lego's Newest Star Wars Set is this Freaky Life-Size Porg

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tomorrow is 1st August, which also happens to be the day a whole string of new sets hit the shelves of the Lego store. We've already heard a load of different announcements, including Jame Bond, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even Aquaman, but there are still some things Lego has been keeping close to its chest. Like this life-size Porg set that's so detailed it looks a little freaky.

We don't know when this one is going to be released, but at this point it's likely that it'll be out sometime before Christmas. Unlike the recently unveiled Lego Movie 2 sets there's no reason why this one would have to wait.

As you can see the set is in the same sort of style as last year's large-form BB-8, coming with a UCS-style fact plate and a miniature version of the character. It also has a mechanism that lets you open up its mouth, along with a level of detail that's really weird looking. There are some things that should never be made out of bricks, and the Porg seems to be one of them.

Sadly, because this set's reveal came courtesy of a Ukranian retailer and not Lego itself we don't know a lot of the smaller details. Like how many pieces it has, or what the international pricing will be. Apparently those on the continent will have to pay €70, which works out at £62.40 when you directly convert it. So expect anything between £65 and £70 when it's finally available here.

We'll have more for you as we know it. [ via Brick Fanatics]