Lego's Teasing a James Bond Announcement on 18th July at the Leicester Square Lego Store

By Tom Pritchard on at

A couple of weeks ago Lego teased us with some tweets about the possibility of a James Bond-themed set, likely one involving an Aston Martin DB5. Now those teases have continued with the company announcing some sort of related event on 18th July at the Lego Store in London's Leicester Square.

Given the image attached to the event over on Lego's Facebook page includes the classic 'gun barrel' effect from the Bond movies, along with the associated #LicenceToBuild hashtag, it's pretty obvious what this is. The question is what sort of Bond-themed sets are we going to see? I've seen people speculate that it may be a large-scale Aston Martin DB5, made of either Technic or bricks, or even a smaller Bond-themed sets with a minifigure of the world's favourite spy.

Maybe it'll be both, or something completely different people, we don't know at this point. All we know that that since Aston Martin joined in on the teasing, it'll probably involve one of the company's classic cars. The closest we've got was the following tweet quoting both Bond and M in Skyfall:

Here's a clip of that in question:

If I were to guess, I'd say it's likely there will be at least one set featuring Bond, M (the good one, not Ralph Fiennes), the DB5, and some sort of ejector seat feature. Unfortunately I don't have any insider knowledge, and can't say for sure. Heck Lego hasn't even announced it's launching Bond Lego, and could be trolling us all. All the sex, violence, and drinking in those films (and books) doesn't really play well with Lego's child-friendly image.

We'll let you know more as we have it. [Brothers Brick]