Logan Was the UK's Most Complained About Film Last Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

If there'a anything I've learned about the human race, it's like there are some people out there who will do everything in their power to find something to be offended over - just so they can have the satisfaction of making complaints. Films get complaints too, and according to the BBFC last year's most complained about film was Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine.

When I say 'most complained about', Logan didn't actually get that many complaints. There were 20 in total, but that's still more than the BBFC received for other films. The topic of the complaints was primarily focused on the film's rating, insisting that the level of violence in the film was too much for a 15 and that the film would have been better suited with an 18 rating.

Members of the public who wrote in felt that the film’s violence was too strong for a 15 classification and would have been more appropriately placed at 18. However, the BBFC classification guidelines permit strong violence at 15, provided it does not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury. While the violence in Logan is strong and frequently bloody, it is also rapidly edited with a focus on action rather than sadism. The film’s fantastical setting and super-powered central character further distances the violence from reality, allowing the issue to be acceptable at 15.

Logan seems to have come out quite well though, since both fellow 15-rated X-Men film Deadpool received 51 complaints in 2016 for its "bloody violence". Suicide Squad similarly received 31 complaints from parents complaining the 12A rating wasn't high enough.

Other films that received complaints last year include Hindi-language drama Padmaavat (10 for misrepresenting a revered Indian figure), Atomic Blonde (eight for sex, violence, and the use of the word 'cunt'), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (eight for sexual content), and Kong: Skull Island (six, for language 'too strong' for a 12A).There were more, but in the top five cases the BBFC upheld its original ratings for a variety of reasons. [BBFC via CBR]