London Cabbies Plan £1bn Legal Attack on Uber

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sources close to the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association – London's black cab driver union – claim the organisation is getting ready to hit the big time by launching a legal case against Uber to the tune of more than £1bn if successful.

The LTDA is said to have asked a law firm to start looking into making a claim against Uber for loss of earnings on behalf of its drivers, which it bases on the fact that Uber's operational failings allowed it to run in London unfairly. If applied to all of the city's 25,000 cab drivers at an average loss of £10,000 during the five years Uber has been running in the city, the potential damages could indeed run into the billions.

This is all according to sources speaking to Sky News so is in no way official or happening yet, as the LTDA could still decide that the chances of success are too small to actually go ahead with what would become one of the country's highest-profile legal battles. [Sky News]