Morrisons Introduces 'Quieter Hour' For a Calmer Shopping Experience

By Kim Snaith on at

Supermarket Morrisons has announced that it will be rolling out a nationwide weekly 'Quieter Hour' to 493 of its stores. The Quieter Hour is intended to benefit customers with autism and those who are affected by sensory stimulation.

During the hour, store lights will be dimmed, there'll be no music, radio or tannoy announcements, and the beeps and blips from the checkouts will be turned down. A poster will be placed outside the store to alert customers that Quieter Hour is in effect.

The national roll-out follows a trial carried out in three Morrisons stores – Woking, Gainsborough and Lincoln – which was deemed successful enough to be implemented. During the trial, Morrisons staff worked to find out which improvements would better improve customer experience.

David Cadey, a spokesperson from the National Autistic Society, who has worked with Morrisons in implementing the new scheme, says "Morrisons 'Quieter Hour' is a step in the right direction for autistic people who find supermarket shopping a real struggle".

The Quieter Hour will take place every Saturday morning between 9am and 10am.