Morrisons Will Let You Reverse-Vend Your Way to Riches

By Gary Cutlack on at

The thrilling opportunity to use a reverse-vend machine and see your plastic bottles magically sucked away is coming to Morrisons, with the supermarket launching a trial of the bottle-eating machines in a handful of branches.

Shoppers in Skipton and Lindsayfield are the first to see the machines out in the wild, machines they'll be able to fill with plastic bottles both sourced from Morrisons' own-brand range and those produced by other companies. And there will be a reward! 10p a time, paid in Morrisons vouchers, will be credited to the recycler's loyalty account, capped at a maximum claim on 20 recycled bottles a day, so no one tries to become a bottle recycling millionaire by stealing them out of bins and putting them into the backwards venders.

They won't take milk jugs, though. No one wants them. [BBC]