MP Calls on Government to Install Big TVs Everywhere for the Football

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Labour MP has had an idea about how politics can be used for good instead of clogging up the internet with tedious, unfocused rage about Brexit -- get the government to give funds to local councils to erect massive football screens for people to watch the World Cup on. Seeing as the England team is not, at time of writing, considered to be as bad at football as usual.

The idea's come from Labour MP and shadow minister for sport Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, who has optimistically sent a letter to the besieged inbox of Theresa May to suggest helping local authorities turn municipal spaces into football watching areas, then presumably spend loads more on policing the drunks all the way home again after the game(s).

Allin-Khan's letter, should it ever get read, reads: "Local authorities, whether it be councils or assemblies, have parks and land where they could screen games like Trafalgar Square for example. I am sure the Government will want to show their support to the England team and therefore should actively look to show the semi-final and final on big screens at events across our major cities."

Given that we all have access to quite a few more screens than we did the last time a home nation made it to a World Cup semi-final, it's unlikely to be that much of a priority. [Twitter via Metro]