Nathan Fillion Is Finally Playing Nathan Drake in This Uncharted Fan Film

By James Whitbrook on at

For years, fans have wanted Nathan Fillion to take on the ludonarrative dissonance-championing adventures of Uncharted’s Nathan Drake in live-action. Now, they’re getting their wish...but it’s not as part of a major new movie, instead, we’re getting a fan film.

Fillion just dropped the film, simply titled Uncharted, on Twitter this morning. The 15 minute short – expressly presented as a fan production that has nothing to do with the ongoing Hollywood wranglings attempting to bring the Playstation franchise to the big screen – is directed by Allan Ungar, and sees Fillion’s Drake do what he does best: quip, shoot, and clamber his way through another zany hunt for a mystical artefact.

Drake’s stalwart companions Sully and Elena (played by Stephen Lang and Mircea Monroe, respectively) also make appearances – because it wouldn’t quite be Uncharted without them – but it’s really a showcase for getting to see just how Fillion would handle the role, given how increasingly unlikely it is he’ll get the chance to play it in a blockbuster movie. Or seemingly how increasingly unlikely it is that there’ll even be that Tom Holland-starring blockbuster Uncharted film at all, given how little we’ve heard about it recently.

But it’s really well done, and Fillion is appropriately charming in getting to relish in a role like Nathan Drake. If this really is the only chance we’ll get to see him take it on, it’s a pretty great outing.