Nerf is Replacing Foam With Lasers, Because Everything is Better With Lasers

By Tom Pritchard on at

Unlike my colleagues who believer they're too old and sensible to shoot toy guns at people who are also armed with toy guns, I'm still quite fond of Nerf guns. Because they're fun, and it's amusing to sit in the corridor ready to shoot someone as soon as they leave the bathroom. The thing is, Nerf is having an upgrade. The foam ammunition isn't going to be going anywhere, but they're being joined by new guns that fire lasers.

Ok it's technically infra red, but it's still light. Just light that isn't likely to damage anyone's eyes in the middle of a battle. Also Nerf has called the new range Laser Ops Pro, so we'll stick with lasers for the sake of consistency.

Laser Ops Pro is more than just firing beams of light at your friends, though. Nerf has also released an official tie-in app for Android and iOS devices that enhances your gameplay, letting you keep track performance, customise their blasters, earn power-ups, and keep tabs on their opponents in the heat of battle. The app will also let you play by yourself using AR, in case you don't have any friends who are willing to run around with toy guns all afternoon.

Both Laser Ops Pro blasters on the way have team light indicators, visual and sound effects to let you know when you've been hit, and a display to show how much health and ammo you have left. There are also three different game modes, solo, team, and free-for-all depending on what mood you're in at the time. The ALPHAPOINT blasters cost £29.99 each (or £44.99 for a double pack), fires a single shot, and comes indicator lights. The DELTABURST blasters cost £44.99 each, fires off a three-round burst, and comes with an LCD display displaying your real time health and ammo capacity. Both blasters come  with an armband, and the necessary attachment to play by yourself.

Both blasters are currently available for pre-order with Amazon, but will be available from other retailer from tomorrow.