New Grand Tour Outtake Shows Richard Hammond Can't Stop Nearly Dying

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a few things you can always rely on with the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. One, they enjoy pissing each other off with cars. Two, there are cars around somewhere, and three, Richard Hammond always seems to be flirting with death. The number of times the man has almost put his life on the line for his job is somewhat admirable, apart from the times it may have resulted from his own tomfoolery.

The latest revelation that Hammond almost nearly died again is from an outtake from the last series, involving a Jaguar with skis on the wheels. The incident in question involved Hammond nearly skidding off the edge of a mountain after losing control of his car. While we don't actually get to see that particularly moment, we do get to see the aftermath with Hammond terrified reaction along with Clarkson and May pointing out just how close he came to nearly possibly dying.

The edge doesn't look *that* bad, and it's not like Hammond would have fallen 200 feet to his death, but it is a very steep mountainside. A hill steep enough that driving down it in an out of control car that has skies on wouldn't be particularly pleasant or safe. Attempting it is the kind of thing that would likely get this three on an outraged Daily Mail front page.

The good news is that Clarkson thinks skiing on skies are actually safer and faster than some Jaguars, though I can't imagine that would be much comfort to anyone stuck inside that car.

The third series of The Grand Tour is currently filming, though we have no idea when it will debut on Amazon Prime Video. [Metro]