New Image Leaks Give us Our First Look at Doctor Who's New Tardis

By Tom Pritchard on at

We don't know exactly when the 11th series of Doctor Who is set to arrive, other than the BBC's typically vague "autumn 2018". We've had our first proper non-leaked look at the series thanks to San Diego Comic Con, but there's still a lot we don't know yet. Things like what the Doctor's new Tardis looks like, because the 12th Doctor's regeneration caused it to blow up. Again.

As is the way with things like this, our first glimpse has come in the form of a leak of sorts. Images have popped up online giving us a very brief glimpse at what Doctor 13's time and space ship will look like on the inside. Unlike the last lot these images are alleged to have come from a photographer's public portfolio, though I went and investigated myself and they've since been taken down. Assuming they were actually there in the first place.

We can't actually show you these images, lest the copyright lawyers come a-knocking, but we can describe them. If you want to see them for yourself, well, they're probably not too difficult to find.

Two images seem to show off the Tardis interior, the first of which seems to be the first time Jodie Whittaker's Doctor enters the revamped machine and shows us the design of the 'exterior' wall where the door is. It's very industrial looking, with a pattern that looks like an array if circular piston-like objects, as if the wall has been designed to look like a complex machine. It's pretty gloomy too, which is the complete opposite of the other image.

The second image shows off a very small glimpse of the Tardis interior from the outside, but since it's not the focus of the shot we don't get to see very much. It's a lot brighter and almost organic-looking, which is a sharp contrast to opposite wall. There are also stairs leading up to the console, as has been the way with the new series, though there's some sort of fancy pattern on them. Almost like the kind of thing you'd see on a staircase in a posh hotel.

There are a bunch of stills of the new series as well, though they don't give much away. Spaceships, a robot head, London streets, and a pregnant dude. Sounds all pretty standard Doctor Who if you ask me. If you go looking you'll also be able to see what people are claiming to be the new opening credits. They could easily be fake, and this isn't the first time people have made their own, but this one looks like it wouldn't be amiss as part of the shrinking sequence in Ant-Man when Scott ends up in the Quantum Realm.