New Rumour Claims Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Will Have Five Cameras

By Tom Pritchard on at

A few years ago phone makers were obsessed with adding extra resolution to their devices' cameras, because more megapixels was better, right? While that trend has thankfully died off, it seems we're jumping into a brand new smartphone camera war: the inclusion of as many camera lenses as is humanly possible. Currently the top dog is the Huawei P20 Pro, which has a triple lens rear camera system and a single front-facing lens, but Samsung might be coming for its Chinese rival with the Galaxy S10 Plus.

This rumour plays off the back of a previous rumour that Samsung had three different Galaxy S10 devices in the works. In this case, however, sources speaking to Korean site The Bell claim that the S10 Plus will have five camera lenses. While it's easy to immediately assume that Samsung is adding a five-lens setup to the rear of the camera, it doesn't sound like it has a rival for Light's newly announced nine-lens camera phone. Instead this rumour is that the largest (and likely most expensive) S10 will have a triple lens setup on the back, plus a dual lens camera on the front.

That may sound familiar, and I can assure you that you're not going mad. The recent Galaxy A8 also came with two front-facing cameras, allowing users to take selfies in portrait mode and add the bokeh-effect smartphone companies also seem to be going nuts over. Leaked Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL renders also seem to show the Google phones rocking two front-facing cameras, though we can't be 100 per cent sure that information is accurate right now.

The question is, what's the extra front camera for? The obvious answer is for taking pictures, using a dual camera setup to offer things a single front-facing camera can't, including a portrait mode. TechRadar also speculates that it could be a way to improve the S10 Plus's facial recognition system to better compete with phones that come with advanced 3D and infra red sensors like the iPhone X. We've heard rumours that Samsung will be ditching the Iris Scanner in favour of more advanced biometric security, and adding more secure features with an extra camera would be a way to do that. Perhaps most importantly, it would be different enough from Apple's FaceID to avoid lawyers reigniting the never-ending legal battles between the two companies.

It's still very early, so there's every chance that this particular rumour is nonsense. But from what we've seen of other phones, it's not completely implausible to think Samsung might be adding those extra cameras on the S10 or S10 Plus - especially when other phone makers are already doing just that. [The Bell via TechRadar]