NHS Needs "More Apps" to Help Solve its Woes

By Gary Cutlack on at

New health secretary Matt Hancock, a man who has an interesting personal history with apps, has decided he knows what the NHS really needs more of. It is not more fax machines. It is apps. Apps will help, he thinks, especially when it comes to dealing with young people, who can only communicate via emoticons. Sad face > ankle > explosion, that sort of thing.

Hancock told the BBC that there is "loads to do" when it comes to lowering the burden on staff and making health care more accessible for patients via NHS smartphone apps, telling the BBC's youth department audience that: "The NHS needs to be more convenient for you, but also to help clinicians so that doctors' and nurses' lives are easier."

"...it's a real passion of mine and I think there's a real opportunity," he added, when pressed on Labour complaints that the NHS isn't taking  advantage of new technologies quickly enough. So expect something pretending to use AI to guide you through a flowchart of symptoms to be available as soon as 2034. [BBC]