Ofcom Wants Telecoms Companies to Warn You When Your Contract is Up

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've all signed up for some sort of telecoms contract in the past, whether it be for phone services, internet, or TV. You may also have noticed that these companies don't always tell you when your contract is up, not unless there's something else they can try to sell and get more money out of you. Now Ofcom's new proposals would make them change that practice.

According to Ofcom 10 million people face paying higher prices once their minimum contract period, and the special introductory offers, are over. A further 20 million people are already beyond that stage, and because telecoms companies don't always tell people their contract is ending Ofcom has decided to think about telling them they have to.

Anyone with a mobile, home phone, TV, or broadband contract would have to be told 40-70 days before their contract is coming to an end and what happens when it does. The idea is that consumers will be able to use this notice period to shop around for the best deals, and decide whether they want to switch providers to save themselves money. Alternatively it'll also give the companies an incentive to offer better prices for loyal customers, lest they head to a competitor.

Sadly these are currently just proposals, not hard rules, and will be consulted on from now until 9th October.