Ok Lego, I'm Getting a Bit Sick of Your Vague James Bond Teasers Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month, the Lego Company started teasing the possibility of James Bond Lego sets, getting people excited that 007 might be getting the Lego treatment and hitting the shelves of the Lego store – despite the franchise's fondness for adult themes Lego has a reputation for distancing itself from. But now, nearly a month later, those teasers have kept coming with very little to show for it. And frankly, I'm getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing.

If you've been following this story closely, you'll remember that Lego initially teased the arrival of James Bond on Twitter on 14th June, shortly followed by additional teasers from both the official Aston Martin and James Bond accounts. That's when the hype train started to get things going, with fans speculating on what Lego might have in store for us.

The next tease came little over two weeks later, promising that there was some sort of special event at the Leicester Square Lego Store on the morning of the 18th July. Using a Bond-style image meant this was clearly about what was being teased before, and continued to build excitement. While that seems like a lifetime ago, that news actually came last Monday and revealed there was some sort of link to Skyfall. Specifically a scene featuring the classic Aston Martin DB5.

The very next day Lego posted yet another teaser, which we've already discussed tells us everything we really needed to know about at least one of the sets that are coming – assuming, of course, that there are multiple sets on the way.

The image gives away that it's a Creator Expert set, and the Aston Martin branding shows us that it's a car of some sort. The teaser that quotes Skyfall also indicates that the set will be a DB5. It's not hard to deduce that it's a large detailed recreation of the classic car, something that was confirmed by a pre-order page that was accidentally posted too early.  Given the teaser mentioning the ejector seat, it's also safe to assume it will also be included somehow.

The problem was that this tell-all teaser was released more than two weeks before the London event. Where does Lego go from there? From the looks of things it just drags on the teasing, in a way that says "Hey, guys, don't forget we have a James Bond set on the way!"

There's no information there, just a rehash of information Lego has already given us. Yes, they made a 007 logo with wheels, but that's not all that exciting. Really the company should have held off on revealing that it was a Creator Expert set another week, rather than showing us all the cards well in advance of launch day. Maybe something to remember next time you try and tease people with very vague teaser images, Lego.