Openreach Chops Wholesale Price of Fibre Connections by up to 40 Per Cent

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's Openreach division is planning to massively reduce the prices it charges the likes of Sky, TalkTalk and the others for access to its network and fibre connections to resell, with the wholesale cost of your average superfast 80Mb connection dropping from £9.95 to £5.99. It could at last encourage your dad to upgrade to a part-fibre line.

Openreach is selling this as a long-term discount to wholesale bulk buyers of hundreds of connections to rebadge and sell on, with the network's communications providers able to sign up to the cheaper bundles from August 21. So August 22 might be a good day to phone up and pretend you're changing network.

Connections to super and ultra lines are covered, even those using the newer fudge of, with Openreach boss Clive Selley explaining: "It will help Britain's homes and businesses to experience the benefits of faster and more reliable broadband. And it will incentivise our wholesale customers to participate in our long-term investment in digital infrastructure by upgrading more of their customers to superfast and ultrafast services." [Openreach via FT]