Pea Consortium Warns of Looming Shortages

By Gary Cutlack on at

The people in charge of getting peas from farms to our plates via lorries and exotic freezing systems are worried. They say that this dry spell is wreaking havoc with the pea farming and production process, so much so that there might be shortages – and the imported frozen ones are already suffering from listeria panic issues.

Warning that we might soon be completely pealess, the British Edible Pulses Association is blaming this on warm weather exhausting the plants and shrivelling their flowers and baby peas, reducing yields and leaving our proud pea fields in tatters. Franek Smith of the BEPA explained how this works to the likes of us, with: "Peas have only just formed so stopping growth means fewer and smaller peas. The number of pods is also reduced as top flowers have aborted production due to weather."

Which probably means you'd better have a large chips to make up for the vitamin C loss. [Metro]

Image credit: Unsplash