Researchers Worked Out 7PM is Peak Takeaway Time

By Tom Pritchard on at

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to order a takeaway and avoid the rush of other people who are getting their fix of greasy junk food? According to researchers the most popular time to order in food is 7pm, and that's a trend that's not just restricted to the UK.

The research itself is all about how human foraging and hunting habits have extended into the internet era. Biologists at the University of Aberdeen did this by tracking international internet traffic to see when people were searching for ways to order food. It turns out that trends weren't restricted by country, with the UK, US, Canada, India, and Australia each sharing the same "twin peaks" pattern. All five countries see a spike in takeaway-related internet traffic at 7pm and 2am.

The research didn't encompass all food, sadly, but rather it stuck to the most popular kinds of fast food delivery: pizza, curry, and chinese food. While there were some notable cultural differences, the fact that the two peak food-wanting times were so consistent across the five countries shows how human biology is adapting to the internet age. Instead of popping out to into the big bad world to find food, people are simply heading onto Google and having someone else do all the hard work.

While the researchers say these findings will help open new ways of studying "foraging behaviour" and understanding humans' motivations for seeking out food, it also means you know when to get your takeaway orders in. Around 7pm and 2am are probably not great times to get the local Dominos to send some garlic bread your way, even if you ignore the fact eating pizza at 2am is going to be very bad for your waistline. [BBC News]