S-Pen Model Codes Appear to Show Which Galaxy Note 9 Colours are Coming

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's little over a month before Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 9 to the world, along with a bunch of of different coloured models - even though past experience tells us only half of them will actually be available here. But as is the way, those colours may have leaked out a bit early. Not thanks to renders or retailer cock-ups though, this time it comes thanks to S-Pen model codes.

Previously reports have claimed Samsung will release the Note 9 in black, blue, lavender, and grey, much like the S9, with newer reports claiming gold will also be in the mix. However SamMobile has leaked model codes for the Note 9's S-Pen, information that also includes the colour of the pen. Seeing as how the stylus is likely to be the same colour as the phone, it's safe to assume these are the colours the Note 9 will arrive in:

  • EJ-PN960BBEGWW: Black
  • EJ-PN960BJEGWW: Gray
  • EJ-PN960BVEGWW: Violet / Purple
  • EJ-PN960BLEGWW: Blue
  • EJ-PN960BAEGWW: Brown

No gold, though it's worth mentioning that the teaser video for the 9th August Galaxy Unpacked event also included hints of blue, so maybe there will be devices with two colours? Then again it wouldn't be unlike Samsung to release a different colour a few weeks or months into the sales cycle. Also brown? Really? Are we going to revive that colour? There are better options out there, surely?

Anyway we don't have long to find out if this is true, and whether rumours that the S-Pen will have some sort of Bluetooth connectivity play out. The next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is on 9th August, and we'll bring you all the best news when we have it. [SamMobile]